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Programming & Internship Coordinator Position

Pieter is thrilled to share that we are hiring a Programming & Internship Coordinator to start in November, 2020. This will be a part-time position, where it is estimated they will work 10-15 hours per week on an ongoing basis. Schedule will be flexible and all work will be remote for the foreseeable future.  Responsibilities: […]

New Registration System

The start of something new  We are thrilled to announce our new registration system for all Pieter programming.  In designing and implementing this new process, it was critical for us to maintain our commitment to accessible programming, offering many classes on a sliding scale, pay what you can and no one turned away for lack of […]

Notes from our Welcome to Future Pieter gathering

What we hold valuable about Pieter: Hosting a mix of movement practices that are experimental and inclusive Advocacy for dance and dancer people Offering a holistic space of healing and support Anti-capitalist/non-monetary values Open communication with the community Questions as we move forward: What are new platforms we can use to enhance our virtual programming/presence? […]

An update from Pieter’s Board of Directors

What are we ready to let go of, what are we ready to embrace: Dear Pieter friends, supporters, allies, and fans, As a reminder, Pieter is a nonprofit organization and as such, it has a volunteer Board of Directors which has the full responsibility to manage and direct the activities of the organization. We, the […]