Dancing Diaspora 2020 Kick-Off & After-Party
Marina Magalhães
Thursday, Jan 16 2020
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
$10 suggestion donation (No one turned away for lack of funds)
Dancing Diaspora IS BACK!
2020 Kick-Off Event: Thursday Jan 16
7:30pm-9:30pm Community Class
9:30pm-11:00pm After-Party & Announcement




It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the 2020 Launch of Dancing Diaspora! Join us on Thursday Jan 16 for our kick-off class of the year taught by Dancing Diaspora Founder, Marina Magalhães, followed by a sabroso After-Party featuring the much-coveted Dancing Diaspora Playlist. We’ll be sharing some exciting NEWS about the growing Dancing Diaspora platform at the event… so don’t miss out! Nos vemos on the dance floor!



Diaspora is a complex word that signifies both place and displacement, connection and disconnection, memory and futurity. This dance class seeks to translate these ideas into the body — how can we embody principles of Latin & African diasporic dance practices while exploring our own unique expression? How can we simultaneously embrace rigor and instinct, tradition and creativity, ancestry and individuality?




The class frames these seemingly disparate ideas as complimentary and necessary for a collective practice of dance-and-change-making. Dancers are encouraged to cultivate an intimate relationship with the ground, a mobile spine and expressive pelvis, playful improvisation, and deep musicality.




All bodies and levels of experience welcome. Come ready to sweat and play! Cash donations encouraged at the door. 





Marina Magalhães is a border-crosser, bridge-builder, and dance-and-change-maker from Brazil based in Los Angeles. Her work holds a decolonial diasporic ethos at its core, wherein ancestral, ritual, and social practices are located as fertile sites for choreographic inquiry, pedagogic encounters, and political possibility. She has shared her work throughout the US, Brazil, Cuba, Botswana, South Africa, Germany, and France earning her an LA Weekly Theater Award for Best Choreography. Magalhães earned her B.A. degree in World Arts & Cultures/Dance from UCLA and her M.F.A. degree in Dance from University of the Arts. She is a Visiting Lecturer at Scripps College, Resident Choreographer with Viver Brasil, Resident Artist at Pieter Space, and Founder of the Dancing Diaspora platform (funded by California Arts Council since 2017). www.marinamagalhaes.com





This program is made possible thanks to generous support of the California Arts Council, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.