FreeBou: Performance
Stacy Dawson Stearns
Saturday, Sep 25 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
$10 suggested donation or pay what you can via Venmo or PayPal. No one turned away for lack of funds. Register

$10 suggested donation or pay what you can via Venmo or PayPal. No one turned away for lack of funds.

FreeBou is a workshop and a performance dedicated to the memory of the Pieter Free Boutique. Workshop participants are offered a guest slot in the performance, or are welcome to experience the performance as an audience member. The performance is open to any and all. (Site TBD with online streaming option).


Everything that happened at Pieter on Lacy St. was influenced in some way by Pieter’s Free Boutique. Rarely did a class or rehearsal occur without a moment of popping into the FreeBou to find a ball gag, acupuncture chart, or hair dryer that needed a new adventure of purpose. The items themselves were a testament to the range of experience and identity of the people at Pieter, and a reminder that “necessity” operates under unique rules for everyone. FreeBou was a study of the life of objects and a celebration of need – generosity, purging – collecting. 


FreeBou: Performance is a performance by Stacy Dawson Stearns and guests at 7pm. Stacy will share a collection of her own works with guest appearances from participants woven throughout the evening.



Stacy Dawson Stearns makes objects and performances that are informed by physical and metaphysical perception.  Although they have trained physically in dance and movement forms for over 30 years, they embrace primal and pedestrian movement qualities and prefer the role of “outsider” when it comes to movement technique. 


Their herstory as a performer includes being a principal with Big Dance Theater (1993–present) and a member of Blacklips Performance Cult (1992-1995.) They have choreographed dances for pop legends Debbie Harry and Ann Magnusen, as well as community dances for schools and Public Service Announcements. Stacy has taught dance, movement, creative process, and theory in undergraduate and graduate levels at California Institute of the Arts, New York University, The George Washington University, CalState LA, CalPoly Pomona, and Marymount Manhattan, among others. Stacy has trained in bodymind creative practices since 1989 and continues to be transformed by them.


Stacy’s class TALKING OUT LOUD SAYING WORDS (TOLSW) operated through Pieter from Feb-Dec 2020. They also served as curator for Monday Morning/Night Class from 2016-2018, co-created the VR Pieter Space archive with Jonathon Stearns, and was the first instructor to take class into Pieter in Cyber Space when the Great Pandemic landed in March 2020. Stacy Cofounded HUT: Humans Undoing Trauma with Gregory Barnett as an outgrowth of TOLSW which is now a co-teaching and co-learning environment with a rotating roster of leaders.


Archival image courtesy of the artist.