*ONLINE CLASS* Move into Stillness Meditation & Healing Arts
Curated by Joy Anderson
Tuesday, Oct 29 2019
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
$5-20/Pay What You Can, Venmo or Paypal only!

This class is being offered via zoom until further notice. Contact pieterpasd@gmail.com to join!



For this new season, Move Into Stillness will offer a series of Tuesday night classes with guest facilitators curated by Joy Anderson. Each healing artist guest facilitator will share their own unique practice that integrates movement, music, breath, sound healing, yoga, Kirtan, writing and dance all with the intention to bring awareness, consciousness and grounding to the magic of the divine sacred presence and stillness within. 



Join us as we delve into our inner world and journey in community to bring healing balance for each other and our environment. 



No one turned away for lack of funds. All are welcome. 




Joy, a Xicana native from East L.A., has used dance, movement and yoga as a healing and meditative practice for over ten years. In 2011, after graduate school, Joy learned more about healing arts practices that she has since integrated into her life and work as a yoga teacher, raw vegan artisan, dance/movement performer and curator. It was especially through dance performance with Critical Mass Dance Company & WXPT with taisha paggett, that Joy realized the transformative value of being completely present in the moment. For Joy, learning to be present without judgement and move towards stillness in the mind is an ongoing practice that meditation helps cultivate. Joy is also owner of her own business, Alegria Alchemy/Alegria Xocolatl. She makes heart & hand-crafted plant-based medicines, skin care, essential oil blends and high-frequency raw cacao mixes with therapeutic-grade essential oils and facilitates workshops. In her classes, she has weaved in essential oils, herbs, plant medicines, breathwork, mantras, Native American wisdom, movement and dance. Yoga, dance, breathwork and meditation has assisted to bring consciousness to being present to the divine. It has been a healing gift for Joy to have the opportunities to teach at People’s Yoga, The Healing Center of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church and Plummer Park Senior programs. Joy is grateful for the opportunity to share and practice in community to co-create sacred and supportive space for each other to evolve and transform together towards consciousness.