Movement of Stillness: Meditation and Healing Arts
Joy Angela (Alegria)
Tuesday, Nov 3 2020
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
$5-$20, pay what you can via venmo or paypal. no one turned away for lack of funds Register

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Movement of Stillness is a class series curated by Joy Angela (aka Alegria), co-facilitated by practitioners and artists offering a diversity of healing modalities.




Throughout time, non-western indigenous healing practices maintain that notions of Balance and Harmony are key to health and wellness. When we are in alignment with our mind, body and soul, we’re able to maintain a more balanced and healthy life. Movement of Stillness is about balance. We need movement to find stillness and we need stillness to sustain our movements.




Movement of Stillness is devoted to offering meditation and Healing arts practices from a position and as a practice of de-colonization. In these classes, we honor the lineage of healing modalities rooted in African and/or Native American and indigenous cultures by acknowledging them and the origins of the healing practices offered.




  1. Nov. 3: PROCESS. PRACTICE. PLAY: What is your superpower? With Jenny Garcia, Joy Angela Anderson and Nefertiti Charlene Altan



  1. Election night this year will no doubt be marked by intensity, and our bodies are the first to process and absorb it. How can we materialize our feelings about this moment through our bodies in ways that center, open, move and release? 


    Join us for PROCESS, PRACTICE, PLAY: What is your superpower?, a class designed to activate embodied awareness and connection while making space to explore movement individually and collectively. We will process and play with what is and what could be, accessing movement as a tool for our own subjective empowerment and liberation. 


    This class draws on both guided and movement meditation, theater of the oppressed, improvisational movement, contemporary dance and performance methods in order to explore themes of our individual and collective emotional landscapes, longings, abolition and care based social systems.


    This collaboratively led practice is a safe space that is feminist and anti-racist open to all bodies and levels of experience. 


    We can get through the elections and all this year has generated together through our bodies! 



  1. Jenny Garcia is a Licensed Acupuncturist in private practice, a Somatic Body Worker, a student of Somatics and a samba dancer. She has trained in Latin and Afro-Diasporic dance for over 15 years. She has been involved in somatic study around leadership, trauma, resilience, conditioned tendencies and processes of healing and change with the organization Generative Somatics for 6 years. Her facilitation methodology is built on building embodied awareness, connection, supporting imagination, play and healing in community. 



  1. Joy Angela Anderson (Alegria) is a curator, movement/yoga/meditation facilitator and artist/educator from East L.A. She integrates dance, yoga, somatics and plant medicines as a healing, creative, meditative and regenerative practices for mental health and wellness.



Nefertiti Charlene Altan is afro-indigenous. queer. feminist. activist. artista do corpo. percussionist. cultural producer. curator. educator. interpreter. Of Guatemalan roots raised in the Bay Area, California living in Salvador, Bahia since 2013, completing the technical certification program in dance from the Fundação Cultural da Bahia in 2016. She has spent the last 15 years researching, creating, collaborating and producing  both contemporary and folk performance works with groups and artists from the USA, Mexico, Canada, Haiti, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil She is a founding artist/producer/curator of Deslimites Mediações Artísticas, a collective that creates contemporary dance methods and works in non-conventional spaces within a feminist & anti-racist framework.



  1. The movement and meditation of dance and performance taught me to embrace the present as a space where Infinite possibilities exist. Movement and breath guides the way to stillness; it helps to shift, to transform, to heal, and to create. In this series, we create choreographies of stillness with practices of presence. By being present with movement and stillness, we are able to shift and find balance. Through movement of breath and body, we are able to heal and create change on a deep cellular level. 



  1. My intention with this series, is that, through these transformational times, our movements will help sustain our spirit and mental health, individually and collectively. The Movements of breath, body and stillness will help us maintain balance and alignment with the divine, to connect, to heal within our bodies, our minds and within our communities.



  1. When we decide to take time to be still, to listen, to acknowledge what is there, we’re able to hear and trust our inner guidance more clearly. When we embrace the present, so much potential is activated for transformation to happen. In this series, we’ll be guided to intentionally hold and transmute energies with movement, breath and stillness so that healing vibrations radiate outward from within by simply being present! We have the potential to bring healing to ourselves, our family, communities and the collective with our practice and presence.



  1. The practices offered in Movement of Stillness will assist individually and collectively to get through challenging times, uplift spirits, and be a supportive space for expansion, community and mental health. In times when it may seem like the future is uncertain, the present is infinite!  We’ll embrace these times of uncertainty to practice presence, to process, and envision futures with our collective breath and movements of stillness. We’ll breathe life and give shape to our intentions, as we amplify infinite potentials through meditation and somatic healing practices.



  1. Joy Angela Anderson (Alegria) is a curator, movement/yoga/meditation facilitator and artist/educator from East L.A. She integrates dance, yoga, somatics and plant medicines as a healing, creative, meditative and regenerative practice for mental health and wellness.



  1. As a Chicana, native of East L.A., Chicanx art and culture informed her social and political consciousness. Her background in arts, culture, performance and activism lead her to receive a BA in “World Arts and Cultures” from UCLA School of Arts and Architecture and a Master’s degree in “Art/Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere” from USC Roski School of Fine Arts in 2011.



  1. After a career as a museum-gallery educator and public programs coordinator, working at several Los Angeles Contemporary art museums and artist/activist-run spaces, Joy’s devotion to healing arts and dance for mental health, lead her to work independently as a curator, dance/movement facilitator, yoga teacher, raw vegan artisan-chef and entrepreneur.



  1. It was especially through dance performances with Critical Mass Dance Company, WXPT and HomeLA, that Joy tuned in to remembering the transformative value of movement and meditation practices. Along this journey, Joy has offered classes at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Human Resources Gallery, People’s Yoga, The Boyle Heights Conservatory, The Healing Center of Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Plummer Park Senior programs, Indigo Yoga, Self Help Graphics and Pieter Performance Space. She is currently working on her DIYPhd through the School for the Ecocene.



  1. Joy is grateful for the opportunity to offer healing arts practices in collaboration to co-create sacred and supportive space and as a practice towards de-colonization in mental health through connections to the divine wisdom of ancestral, indigenous and nature based healing.

Upcoming Events in the Series:

Photo by Alea Olivas
Photo by Alea Olivas
Photo by Alea Olivas