The Feldenkrais Method
Allison Linamen and Georgia Junker
Thursday, Jan 11 2018
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
$15 suggested donation
Unwind, Integrate & Discover with an evening of Awareness Through Movement®
Awareness Through Movement® is a unique movement-based somatic class. Each lesson is carefully constructed so that the student can find her/his way without hurry or force. The student explores new pathways of movement, finding more ease, comfort and improved organization. The method promotes intrinsic learning and self-discovery. Every one is welcome.
Thursdays, 6 – 7pm


Allison Linamen
is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher with over two decades of experience who is committed to the healing qualities of movement. In her classes, she places emphasis on postural awareness and the practice of slowing down. She leads a nurturing practice that fuses functional anatomy with spiritual principles. Her teaching is designed to help students cultivate inner strength and poise.  Currently, Allison studies at the Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego. She is a certified Awareness Through Movement instructor. (link)


Georgia Junker
first became aware of the Feldenkrais Method through her personal journey of rehabilitation from chronic pain. This recuperation inspired her to become a certified Awareness Through Movement facilitator, exploring the Method’s healing, injury prevention, and self-awareness potential. She likes to explore how movement and awareness can deepen our self-assurance in both the physical and the emotional aspects of our daily lives.  Georgia’s experience as a photographer, outdoors-woman and mother inform her perspective on moving freely and living well. She currently studies at the Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego, and hopes to inspire others to be curious.

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